Hiring companies leverage customized job lists for a more personalized candidate experience

Maura McElhone

We live in an age of over-saturation. From coffee shops to content, every day, the average consumer is faced with a multitude of choices.

So, how do we go about making our decisions?

Various factors come into play — recommendations and referrals from trusted sources like friends and family, for example. We tend to value these suggestions above all others because they come from people who know us i.e. their recommendations are based on their understanding of our likes, preferences, and interests.

Their suggestions are highly personalized and therefore, are what we deem to be "relevant." 

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Making your Career Site disabled-friendly

Paddy O'Grady

According to the World Report on Disability by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, more than 1 billion people in the world experience some form of disability. For many of these people, their disability means that they use and view websites in different ways. It is therefore important, and in many jurisdictions required by law, that companies ensure that their career sites are accessible for the disabled.

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Engagement Hiring - Is It the Answer?

KC Donovan

Camaraderie: a relationship between people or organizations that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval, and support.

Isn’t one of the most important aspects of highly functioning companies and work teams the level of harmony, solidarity, and camaraderie that exists among employees? Surely, this is something that a company should highlight on their career page. 

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The candidate questions you're not asking, but should be

Maura McElhone

The most effective content doesn't speak to the most people; it speaks to the best, most relevant people for you and your business — people who you would value greatly as customers, or, indeed, as candidates.

In order to create content that resonates with those people and drives conversions, you need to know who they are.

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Convert more candidates with targeted content

Maura McElhone

In this age of inbound recruiting, content is the primary means by which you engage and build a relationship with your candidates. From social media posts and landing pages to email marketing and blogs, each one of these content elements provides a valuable opportunity to connect and communicate with prospective hires. 

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing, recruiting content, candidate experience, targeted content, collaboration