9 brilliant best practices to increase your career site conversion rate

Maura McElhone

Research has shown that in most all cases, the candidate journey starts with a search for jobs on Google or Indeed. It’s only when job seekers want more information on what it's like to actually work for a particular organization that they turn their attention to the careers site. 

At this stage, the candidate is considering your company as a potential future-employer, so if it’s your goal to attract, engage, and ultimately convert talent, it’s important to recognize that the experience your career site delivers will be integral to achieving that.

In this eBook, we lay out nine best practices (excerpts from which you’ll find below) to implement when updating an existing career site or creating a new one.

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Capture and better manage more leads with Clinch kiosk mode for recruiting events

Maura McElhone

How effectively are you handling lead capture at events?

When your company has a presence at a recruiting or careers fair, how do you keep track of the hundreds, if not thousands of candidates you meet?

More importantly, how easy is it for you, using your current processes, to follow up with those candidates and nurture the relationships that will ultimately lead to applications?

Clinch’s “kiosk mode” allows users to capture details for multiple candidates via one landing page, on a single device. This feature is perfect for recruitment events and career fairs, enabling the fast and secure capture of candidate information on your company laptop or tablet.

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An SEO Primer for TA Landing Pages

KC Donovan

As you may know, the first place a typical job seeker goes online isn’t a job board . . . it’s Google. With the new Google for Jobs (which Clinch customers benefit from automatically), if you follow Google’s Guide, your actual Job Postings may appear.  

But what about your Career Site Landing Pages? There are somewhere between 100-300 million career based queries (depending on who you believe) on Google and not all are job based, so it makes sense to get your landing page content to appear more often, right?

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Hiring companies leverage customized job lists for a more personalized candidate experience

Maura McElhone

We live in an age of over-saturation. From coffee shops to content, every day, the average consumer is faced with a multitude of choices.

So, how do we go about making our decisions?

Various factors come into play — recommendations and referrals from trusted sources like friends and family, for example. We tend to value these suggestions above all others because they come from people who know us i.e. their recommendations are based on their understanding of our likes, preferences, and interests.

Their suggestions are highly personalized and therefore, are what we deem to be "relevant." 

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Career Sites Hacked

Paddy O'Grady

Last March, McDonald’s Canadian career site was hacked. The data breach resulted in the personal information of 95,000 job applicants falling into the wrong hands. Names, home addresses, emails, phone numbers, and the employment history of candidates were all compromised.

The McDonald’s career site hack is part of an ever-growing list. In recent years, a security flaw in Cisco’s mobile job site exposed sensitive information about applicants including passwords and answers to security questions, while in a separate incident, some of Virginia Tech’s 145,000 job applicants had driver’s license numbers and information on criminal convictions leaked among other personal data.

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