Making your Career Site disabled-friendly

Paddy O'Grady

According to the World Report on Disability by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, more than 1 billion people in the world experience some form of disability. For many of these people, their disability means that they use and view websites in different ways. It is therefore important, and in many jurisdictions required by law, that companies ensure that their career sites are accessible for the disabled.

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Work is the curse of the drinking classes

Paddy O'Grady

Oscar Wilde, in a play on Karl Marx’s words, remarked that “work is the curse of the drinking classes”. In doing so, Wilde captured the contrast between the workplace as a place of boredom and stress, and the convivial atmosphere of the pub wherein friends gather to socialize and have fun. Yet the nature of work has changed since the 19th century; the modern manager takes a holistic approach to the individual employee, aligning work with the employee’s requirements. The same can be said of the recruiter.   

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Clinching Millennial Candidates with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Paddy O'Grady


 Why CSR matters

“Is the business of business really just business? Is business all about profit? Or is business capable of being something more? You are the future business leaders so you will decide.”

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Why the "recruitment is marketing" debate needs to stop

Maura McElhone

The “recruitment is marketing” debate has been tried and tested to the point of now being tired. Some would argue that it’s inaccurate to begin with — that it’s a generalization that doesn’t take into account the fact that in recruiting, marketing tactics aren’t used beyond the attraction phase.

I disagree.

Marketing, in its simplest form, adheres to a model of “attract, engage and convert.” Between the earlier stages of the consumer journey you have “nurture” — a communication stage that focuses on progressing the “lead,” or in recruitment terminology, “prospect,” along the hiring journey.

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Making Your Employment Brand - Human

KC Donovan

As more and more companies begin to realize that promoting their businesses effectively means engaging and interacting with customers as opposed to simply broadcasting marketing messages, this presents a very real opportunity that didn’t exist previously for recruitment to involve themselves.  

As most in corporate HR know, marketing folks look at employment branding as a practice that is beneath them. Rarely is the marketing team interested in providing any support for this endeavor.  Sure, in the proactive and forward-thinking companies this is not the case, but throughout the far majority of US businesses, this is prevalent.

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