Work is the curse of the drinking classes

Paddy O'Grady

Oscar Wilde, in a play on Karl Marx’s words, remarked that “work is the curse of the drinking classes”. In doing so, Wilde captured the contrast between the workplace as a place of boredom and stress, and the convivial atmosphere of the pub wherein friends gather to socialize and have fun. Yet the nature of work has changed since the 19th century; the modern manager takes a holistic approach to the individual employee, aligning work with the employee’s requirements. The same can be said of the recruiter.   

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How to build better job descriptions

Maura McElhone

Job descriptions: the cornerstone of almost all recruitment-related activity, and yet, a piece of content that is all-too-often overlooked and underutilised.

When there's a position that needs filled, it's easy —too easy— to roll out and recycle the same job description that was used last time around. Those who do, operate not only on the assumption that "what worked before will work again," but that they're saving time, too, by avoiding the laborious approval process that's often required for new content.

But don't fall into the trap of thinking that recycling a previously-used JD is an exercise in recruiting efficiency. It's not.

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