Case Study | How a leading U.S. retailer grew career site traffic and increased candidate conversions with Clinch

Maura McElhone
"While we were doing well prior to Clinch being implemented, we are now getting more traffic beyond my expectations. It’s a phenomenal vehicle.”— Head of Talent, Company X.

The client

A leading specialty U.S. retailer, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Atlanta.  

The challenge

With almost 100 stores already across the U.S., the company is growing rapidly. In 2017, its talent acquisition team was on the lookout for a recruitment marketing and CRM solution that would enable them to promote their employer brand and generate a healthy volume of qualified candidates to support its growth as a result.

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9 brilliant best practices to increase your career site conversion rate

Maura McElhone

Research has shown that in most all cases, the candidate journey starts with a search for jobs on Google or Indeed. It’s only when job seekers want more information on what it's like to actually work for a particular organization that they turn their attention to the careers site. 

At this stage, the candidate is considering your company as a potential future-employer, so if it’s your goal to attract, engage, and ultimately convert talent, it’s important to recognize that the experience your career site delivers will be integral to achieving that.

In this eBook, we lay out nine best practices (excerpts from which you’ll find below) to implement when updating an existing career site or creating a new one.

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How to get started with a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for career sites and jobs.

Shane Gray

Several years ago I spent some time consulting into a Yellow pages online directory business. The emergence of Google as first port of call to answer someone's day to day queries like "Where will I find a lawyer in Manhattan" had necessitated a shift in strategy. The game plan was to optimise the directory to capture the lion's share of the page one results pages and then pass that traffic on to the lawyer or plumber who was paying to feature their business on the directory. Sound familiar?

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Why the "recruitment is marketing" debate needs to stop

Maura McElhone

The “recruitment is marketing” debate has been tried and tested to the point of now being tired. Some would argue that it’s inaccurate to begin with — that it’s a generalization that doesn’t take into account the fact that in recruiting, marketing tactics aren’t used beyond the attraction phase.

I disagree.

Marketing, in its simplest form, adheres to a model of “attract, engage and convert.” Between the earlier stages of the consumer journey you have “nurture” — a communication stage that focuses on progressing the “lead,” or in recruitment terminology, “prospect,” along the hiring journey.

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The candidate questions you're not asking, but should be

Maura McElhone

The most effective content doesn't speak to the most people; it speaks to the best, most relevant people for you and your business — people who you would value greatly as customers, or, indeed, as candidates.

In order to create content that resonates with those people and drives conversions, you need to know who they are.

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