The Measure of Success | Recruiting Wrap-Up: Metrics and Analytics

Maura McElhone

In this week's "Wrap-Up," we're honing in on data driven recruiting. 

In an effort to help you recruit better, we've gathered together this collection of articles, infographics, and SlideShare presentations from a variety of trusted sources, all centered around the topic of recruitment metrics and analytics.

Get informed, be inspired, and enjoy this week's Recruiting Wrap-Up, from Clinch! 

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Topics: Recruitment Trends, Inbound Recruiting

Hiring the "Write" Person: the Rise of Content Marketing in Recruitment and Beyond

Maura McElhone

 “You can sit around the newsroom and bitch about what's happening or you can see how you adapt to the new reality.” —John Collins, Managing Editor, Intercom

That print journalism is dying, will not come as news to anyone. What’s more noteworthy, especially to those companies considering growing their staff this year, is the recruitment trend that’s emerging as a result.

Writers, and those who cut their teeth in traditional media, are on the move, successfully carving out new careers as content marketers for brands.

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Topics: Recruitment Trends