Top 4 Ways to Attract, Identify, and Engage College Students

Paddy O'Grady

In the ‘War for Talent,’ your business faces stiff competition to find interns/graduates with data analysis, programming, and foreign languages to name but a few of the most sought after skills. To improve the effectiveness of your talent acquisition strategy, your relationship with these candidates should begin before they start looking for a job. In order to establish yours as an employer of choice with this target group, you should be engaging with passive prospects while they are still in college. By giving your brand visibility early on in the candidate journey and cultivating that relationship, you ensure that when the time comes for top talent to make an employment decision, your organization is front and center in their minds. 

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Four Steps to a Successful TA Program - Relationship Hiring

KC Donovan

If you've had hiring as part of your job, who were your best hires?

Weren’t they the ones from your little black book or Rolodex that you were waiting for just the “right” opportunity to hire? Certainly not the ones that had already fallen from the tree! Obviously, the people we already know, or those referred to us by people we absolutely trust, are the very best. We know what to expect from them and what they will do once they get on board. 

Then the time comes when you've crossed all the names off in your black book and you have to hire your first employee that is a total stranger. 

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The best talent engagement is the simplest...really!

KC Donovan

We’re just about at the tipping point where the majority of our adult working population will be under the age of 35.

Let that sink in for a second. 

These are people who grew up post Internet, where surfing the web was akin to changing a TV channel. They saw their parents spend a lifetime climbing the career ladder where either a promotion or a pink slip waited regardless of ability — and they want no part of that. A common thread for them is their negative view of the concept of “career.”

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